Hanie's Duck, and Lady Luck Propel Titans Over The Bears

In the first half the Bears started off hot and jumped out to a 10-0 lead over the Titans.  Just before the half ended, Tennessee put together an 80 yard drive which ended with a 9 yard TD run by RB Jamie Harper who slipped passed a weak tackle attempt by Safety Major Wright. Thus, the Bears went into the intermission with a 10-7 lead, and appeared to be pretty much in command of the game.

In the second half (with Calab Hanie at QB), the Bears were on the move deep in Titan territory, and poised to blow the game wide-open. Then, it happened.  Calab Hanie threw up a wobbling pass (missing a wide open Dane Sanzenbacher) that fell right into the hands of DB Tommie Campbell.  Campbell then sprinted (untouched) 90 yards into the endzone for the Titans 2nd and final TD of the night giving Tennessee a 14-10 lead, and that was enough.

Hanie returned for the next series, and drove the Bears close enough for Robbie Gould to hit a 52 yard field goal to close the gap to 14-13. All appeared to be going Chicago's was as Tennessee went 3 and out.  Then on 4th down, Lady Luck showed up.  The Bears blocked Chad Cunningham's punt only to have Cunningham himself grab the ball on a one-hop, and run for the first down.  The Titans were able to rundown the clock, forcing Chicago to use all their time-outs, and not enough time to stage at late comeback.

If the Bears had been able to recover Cunningham's blocked punt, then it would have been a cake-walk to a go-ahead FG or TD.  On the other hand, had Hanie not thrown what looked to be the worse pass he will ever throw in his life, the Bears could have come away with a 17-7 or 13-7 lead tops.  It just didn't turn out that way.

In truth, the Bears Beat themselves, not the Titans.  Cutler continued to put the critics on-notice with another great performance at the controls.  However Cutler's efforts were once again disrupted by the flaky hands of (you guessed it) Roy E. Williams.  Williams miss became Michael Griffin's gain, intercepting the pass the slithered through Williams Hands.  Matt Forte ran for 74 yards, and Earl Bennett once again made his case for a starting job with 6 grabs for 89 yards.  The O-Line put together another fine performance only giving up 1 sack (which really wasn't a sack at all).

I also have to say that I was impressed with Mike Martz play calling, and aggressive attack with the offense going for and converting on a 4th down play.  Defensively, the secondary once again looked weak.  Zack Bowman and Major Wright were the weakest links (with Chris Harris not to far behind).   In closing, I'd venture to say that if the first unit played the entire game, the Bears would have most likely cruised to a comfortable victory on the road.

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