Do We Have Another Angelo Disaster Waiting To Happen???

The fury behind some of the "Bears-Brass" moves is beginning to get dangerously close to the boiling point.  Roy "Cheapo" Williams dropped 16 yard pass on Monday night seemed to set off a chain reaction of daggers being thrown from beat writers, but mostly in the direction of the front office.  Tribune writer Dan McNeil's recent article minced no words at all in expressing how most of us feel at this point (see article).

Even the recent issue of the Bear Report gave us a thorough look at the moves made by the front office, and asking the question whether or not these moves will make or break the season.  The recent Bear Report issue was completed just before the first pre-season game.  So it's safe to say that perhaps at this point some of those questions have been answered in part.  In some of those BR articles, coach Lovie Smith was quoted on his endorsement of Williams, and the move to send TE Greg Olsen to NC.

In the opening articles in this issue of the Bear Report, Smith (regarding Williams) quoted "Williams has #1 receiver skills. I watched him grow up.  Big receiver, great speed. We like bringing in players like this that we know" .   Martz was quoted (regarding Williams) "He's  just so big, you can just put the ball up, and he'll get it. The throw doesn't need to be right there. I've never seen a guy able to convert those 3rd and 20 clutch situations. He can make the catch".  

Well, it didn't take very long for us all to know just how deluded both Smith and Martz are regarding their "big, 3rd down, clutch receiver". Jay Cutler's pass Monday night hit Williams right in the numbers, but the big 3rd & 20 clutch receiver dropped it though his hand and to his knees like a wet banana.   In the same BR article, Troy Aikman was quoted "If Roy Williams doesn't turn out to be the player they thought he would be when they made the trade, I think this would be one of the biggest busts in the history of football".

The Articles in this current BR issue were very revealing.  They detailed just about all of the moves made by the front office contrary to the demands of players and some coaches (excluding Smith and Martz of course).  Culter lobbied for former Bear WR Devin Aromashodu to get more playing time.  Response, the front office did not offer him another contract after 2010.   Johnny Knox was the Bears leading receiver in 2010. Response, the front office along with Smith and Martz replaced Knox with Williams.   Cutler began rely heavily on TE Olson in key situations toward the end of the 2010 season. Response, Olson gets shipped to NC.

By now we should be all but "horrified" by what we've seen of the Jerry & Lovie show.  At this point I'm pretty much convinced that this the best they can do, and nothing more.  When we see the Philadelphia Eagles pull-off what many are considering a caper close to The Great Train Robbery, we should also take note that they yet to win a Super Bowl.  We had a chance to get there, but fell short.  The Pats made some cleaver moves, but have yet to get back to the Big-Show.

What I'm trying to point out here is that these teams (PHL & NE) made moves that show a great deal of promise for the season ahead. Here in Chicago, Jerry and his band of idiots continue to run the front office "Vegas Style".  Just about 85% of the moves this crew has made can be only characterized as a full blown "Crap-Shoot".  Perhaps this time around (for our sake) ownership will see that their luck has run out.  Contact extensions be damned.....



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  • Here we go again? Good moves on Defense and Laughable moves on Offense.

  • Proof. Read.

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