Devin Hester Named Among Several NFL Players In UM Scandal

Earlier this week, convicted felon Nevin Shapiro blew the whistle on University Of Miami players, coaches, and school administrators in regards to the acceptance of money and gifts he furnished for nearly a decade.  I only have this reaction to Shapiro; "misery loves company". Shapiro is serving a 20 year prison sentence for a "ponzie-scheme" he orchestrated totaling some 900 million dollars.  My question is, just how much of that "ill-gotten" gain did he use to buy his way into UM football program?

According to Shapiro, he shelled out money to a considerable amount of players for things such as prostitutes, car rims, jewelry, and much more.   In addition to the players, Shapiro claims that school administrators and recruiters were in on the pay-offs from 2002 - 2010.  Devin Hester was named by Shapiro as one of many players he gave money to and/or treated to lavish dinners etc.  In a Tribune article, Hester claims to not know Shapiro at all, but photos tell a different story (see article).

In all honesty, I could care less if Hester took money from a booster in Miami years ago.  Yes, rules-are-rules where compliance should be maintained, but we all know that this issue in college football will not go away.  Hester joins a very long list of players who accepted cash and other benefits from booster who are usually referred to as "friends of the program".  My only advice to Hester is to tell the truth.  We already know what Shapiro is all about.  Shapiro broke the law stealing money from would-be investors he conned.  The players on the other hand violated the Nazi-AA rules.


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