Bears Busy, But Still In Need Of A "Sure-Thing" Talented Player

Just when some of us were about to resort to our usual pounding of Jerry Angelo and the Bears front office, the transaction continue to come in fast and furious.  The bears resigned Caleb Hanie, Corey Graham, Nick Roach, and nailed down 1st rounder Gabe Carimi.  On the other hand, they left Olin Kruetz twist in the wind, which could turn out be a mistake to some.

No one seems to be very happy about the signing of WR Roy Williams, and you can include me in that group as well.  The Bears also signed RB Marion Barber who was cut from the Dallas Cowboys, and Center Chris Spencer from Seattle.  From 2007-2009 Barber posted 24 TDs, 2471 yards, and 3.8 yards per carry.  Last year however, Barber only played in 10 games and ran for only 374yards. Barber however is very good in tough yardage situations, and has a nose for the end zone.

Williams only has one great year to speak of which was season 2006.  In 06, Williams caught 82 balls for 1310 yards and 7 TDs.  Ironically, Mike Martz was the offensive coordinator that year in Detroit.  The 6'4, 210lbs receivers last three years in Dallas were absolutely nothing to write home about.  The Bears should still give Malcom Floyd a look or perhaps even sign Braylon Edwards who the Jets just parted ways with.  With Edwards you know what you're getting in turns of a tall big-play wide-out that would be a major weapon in the red-zone.  However, Edwards comes with a little luggage.  Malcom Floyd has tremendous upside, and may be either resigned in San Diego or scooped up fast by another team.

Last year when we signed Julius Peppers, we knew what we were getting in terms of a "sure" All-Pro who delivered in spades in 2010. This year the Bears have yet to obtain a sure talent that will get the fan-base excited, and looking forward to positive things in 2011. Instead, we are once again rolling the dice on players who "could" be good, but may turn out to bring the problems that got them cut from their former team to Chicago.


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  • Kreutz dug his own damn grave, now he gets to go lie in it. The Bears countered his counter with 4M and he walked. He walked without anything solid from the Niners.

    He basically bluffed.

    Maybe the Niners go and get him now, that could still happen - but they will pay him 2, if that.

    For a longtime vet who is almsot surely going to go down in a decade with CTE, walking away from a 4M deal was nothing but ego.

  • In reply to gpldan:

    I agree gp. I've never been a Kreutz fan. I wonder sometimes if most of those Grossman fumbles were actually his fault. The Bears were smart in this situation by not giving him any more than what he's worth. Spencer should fill Kreutz shoes easily.

  • Roy Williams?? We'll see. Is Martz bringing in a productive receiver or a cheerleader from days gone by? He brought us a Cadaver in the form of Collins as a backup QB. Given the available talent out there at wide receiver, Roy Williams was not the best pick. Time will tell. I'm still of the mindset that Martz himself was a mistake and he's padding the deck and trying to set himself up for his next contract. Hopefully not with the Bears

  • In reply to Bigbearfan59:

    I agree BB59. Martz could have ensured himself some success last year with a safe acquisition of Mark Bulger (his discovery in St.Louis) as a back-up instead of a journeymen like Collins, it did not make any sense. Martz worked with even more talented players like; Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Kurt Warner and others. Why does he persist with these "hi-risk" players? On-the-other-hand, if Williams works out in Chicago, people will call him brilliant. I think Martz likes making these moves to get the "brilliant" accolades, but that's glory-hounding, not smart coaching (I hope U read this "BearsOC2011"....).

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