Bear Football Kicks Off Tonight!

The first pre-season games thus far have showed a few flashes here and there from the teams to watch for (PHIL, NO, NE, etc.).   Most of the scoring came during the latter portions of the games played by 2nd and 3rd string units.  Four teams in particular got my attention, and they were: the Pats putting up 47pts, the Lions crushing the Bengals 34-3, the Bucs shutting out KC 25-0, and the Saints manhandling the 49ers 24-3.  The Saints Niners game was the most revealing game which indicated that Harbaugh may be in for a long season with trouble at the QB position.

Tonight, what I would like to see is a good solid showing by our newly acquired players which includes veteran WR Roy Williams. Willaims has looked pretty impressive in camp according to most of our friends at the Tribune.  We've also loaded the roster with 7 more new wide-outs.  On the O-Line we have 5 centers, 4 guards, and 6 tackles on the roster.  You can also expect to see a lot of  rookie QB's Nathan Enderle, and Trevor Vittatoe.  Defensively I can only say at this time that DE Cory Wotton will be given a close look throughout this pre-season in hope of him playing an even more significant role in the defense this year.

To me the bottom-line here is that motivated players produce positive results regardless to it being the first pre-season game or the last.  The Pats, Lions, and Bucs showed that they have a great group motivated players who shined when given their opportunity in the first game.  Head Coaches like Belichek, Morris, and Schwartz have laid the canvas by communicating that this can be their year to do something special if they work hard.

Tonight we can learn something about just how the canvas has been laid by our leadership....






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