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Hanie's Duck, and Lady Luck Propel Titans Over The Bears

In the first half the Bears started off hot and jumped out to a 10-0 lead over the Titans.  Just before the half ended, Tennessee put together an 80 yard drive which ended with a 9 yard TD run by RB Jamie Harper who slipped passed a weak tackle attempt by Safety Major Wright. Thus,... Read more »

Do We Have Another Angelo Disaster Waiting To Happen???

The fury behind some of the “Bears-Brass” moves is beginning to get dangerously close to the boiling point.  Roy “Cheapo” Williams dropped 16 yard pass on Monday night seemed to set off a chain reaction of daggers being thrown from beat writers, but mostly in the direction of the front office.  Tribune writer Dan McNeil’s... Read more »

Martz Still "Stuck" In The 20th Century....

During our usual daily discussion about the Bears, Bill pointed out that Martz offense does not allow the QB to audible.  At first I was stunned, then it hit me “this is why his system is not getting much traction in the post season”…  Yes, Martz system can run up some stats as it did... Read more »

Real "Player-Maker" Is What The Bears Still Need....

Though last nights game (as most agree) was meaningless, the Bears showed that they still are in need a sure “Play-Maker”.   The Bears continued struggles in the red-zone was not the only proof, but Roy Williams drop in the first quarter was enough to prove the point I made a while back.  Yes, the... Read more »

Devin Hester Named Among Several NFL Players In UM Scandal

Earlier this week, convicted felon Nevin Shapiro blew the whistle on University Of Miami players, coaches, and school administrators in regards to the acceptance of money and gifts he furnished for nearly a decade.  I only have this reaction to Shapiro; “misery loves company”. Shapiro is serving a 20 year prison sentence for a “ponzie-scheme”... Read more »

Hanie Storms Off Practice Field After Monday's Session.

When Calab Hanie made his quick exit off the practice field Monday, it didn’t take long for the media to start shouting “Controversy!” (see Vaughn McClure’s Tribune article). Rookie QB Nathan Enderle took reps with the second unit during Monday’s practice, but much to the dismay of Hanie.   Here’s where I come down on... Read more »

Hanie, Barber, Knox, and Okoye Shine In Pre-Season Opener

What I read on paper, did not accurately characterize what I saw on the field of play in this pre-season opening game.  Calab Hanie drove the Bears offense into the endzone for their lone TD of the game which gave us a 7-3 lead at the half.  The Bears defense looked extremely impressive and protected... Read more »

Bears QB's Get Sacked The Most In Pre-Season Opener......

A 10-3 win with not much offense is not what I hoped to see in the pre-season opener. As usual, the defense came to play, but our offensive line was the worst in all games played this past week. We’ll have more to share after reviewing the re-broadcast tonight.

Bear Football Kicks Off Tonight!

The first pre-season games thus far have showed a few flashes here and there from the teams to watch for (PHIL, NO, NE, etc.).   Most of the scoring came during the latter portions of the games played by 2nd and 3rd string units.  Four teams in particular got my attention, and they were: the... Read more »

Haugh Rips Martz, Asks About NFC Title Game Play-Calling

Tribune writer Dave Haugh put Martz on the hot-seat in his article this morning, and rightfully so (see article). Just when I was looking (or wishfully thinking) for some bright-spot in Martz offensive masterplan, we see him behind the release of TE Greg Olsen (which was risky, but “could” have some benefit), then we we... Read more »