"Stud" vs. "Spud"

I know this is old-news, but I wanted to save my 2 cents once ChicagoNow launched on WP.

Dhani Jones needs to keep doing his "stinkage" commercials, and keep his mouth shut when it comes to yapping about other players. His comments about our "stud" MLB Brian Urlacher were not only stupid, they were mis-informed as well (see tribune article).

Since being drafted in the 6th round (by the NYG in 2000), Jones has played for 3 teams.  Brian Urlacher (a 1st round, 9th overall pick in the same draft) has played for the same team his entire career.  Statistically, Urlacher tops Jones in just about every category posting 977 tackles/277 assists to Jones's 160 tackles/57 assists.   In the high-priority area of QB sacks, Urlacher has 41.5 to Jones's 9.5.  So it's easy see (which even Ray Charles could see) that our guy is the real "Stud", and Jones is nothing more than a "Spud" or even a "Scrub".

When Brian Urlacher was faced with the challenge of coming back a season-ending injury, he responded in 2010 with an All-Pro performance.  When the crap hit the fan for Jones in NY, they shipped him to Philadelphia.  The Eagles put-up with Jones for only 2 years, then sent him to Cincinnati.  Now the only thing we know him for is his "stink" commercials (which the viewers only watch because of the cheerleaders).

The Bears will not be playing the Bengals this season (lucky for Jones), so we need not concern ourselves with another "bounty-bowl". The bottom line here is that the whole planet knows whose the better player here.  If Jones wants to criticize some one for their ability to come of a block, I wonder how he would fair against one our guys????



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