Panthers Gain, Bears Lose.....

Yesterday the Bears traded stellar TE Greg Olson to the Carolina Panthers for a 3rd round draft pick (see Tribune article).   Sources say that it was Mike Martz who finally got his wish in regards to this move which I feel was completely "ludicrous".   What makes this deal even worse is the fact that a 3rd round draft pick comes nowhere near the value comparable to what Olson will potentially contribute in NC.  Not only was Olson a potential All-Pro TE, but he was a close friend and go-to guy for QB Jay Cutler.

So what does this mean for the Bears offense?  It means an offense that will use the TE position primarily as a blocker, and rely more on the wide-outs to make plays.  Last year I pointed out how in just about every Bears victory, Olson played a major role and usually had a TD reception as well.  Olson was also the kind of TE that would create considerable match-up problems for the opposing teams defense. Linebackers showed a great deal of difficulty in covering Olson due to the fact that he was much faster than most LBs, and ran good routes.  Olson was also very good at getting separation, and getting into the seams of the defense.

I hope I'm wrong, but this could be 2011's version of the egg that Martz laid last year with his campaign for a veteran QB (in opposed to retaining Dan LeFevour and/or designating Calab Hanie as the #2 man) which resulted in the Todd Collins fiasco.

So what do you think Bear Fans?????



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  • The only way I see this being a good deal is if Martz did not plan on using Olsen much as a weapon on the offense and instead a blocker. He was not a good blocker so I could care less about him leaving as long as we can protect Cutler. Word is this morning that Roy Williams is heading to Chicago and with enough time Cutler should be able to find him. He just has to CATCH the ball. All in all not surprised by the Olsen move and being a Bears fan and watching how he was used I'm glad he can go somewhere else and be productive. Much like most of the players that the Bears get rid of.

  • In reply to Curtis Shaw Flagg:

    You're 100% correct Curtis. Cutler can make just about every throw on the field when given sufficient time. However, I am not very optimistic about the Williams acquisition even though he made the Pro-Bowl when Martz was at the offensive controls in Detroit. I do hope that the Bears bring-in another WR, preferably Malcom Floyd.

  • stellar? Honestly?

    Dude... go check out some of the top TE's stats last year. Olsen was an alligator-arm puss who's blocking was weak (at best)... oh yeah, and he only showed up every 3 games or so.

    So go look at witten or celek's numbers… then tell me how 'stellar' he was.
    Oh, btw... I've said this on our blog for two years... guaranteed he made Cutty worse. He was his BFF so instead of reading the entire field and seeing a wide open Early the pearl in the end zone, he'd dump it off to numb nuts who'd immediately get tackled by a corner giving up 50lbs to the guy. Good riddance friend.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    Great rebuttal!
    However, I still believe that the Bears did not get equal value. A 2nd rounder would have been sufficient for Olsen who was a 1st round pick. How poor of a blocker he really was remains to be seen. In retrospect however, I've always noticed that bears were never successful on wide sweeps and getting around the corners of the defense at scrimmage, so I would have to agree with you with that in mind. Nonetheless, Olsen was a pretty good receiver.

  • In reply to MB30SD:

    You tell him, MB.

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