Jerry Taking "Ownership", Committed To A Better Team...

Saturdays Tribune article by Vaughn McClure, gave me an even more encouraged feeling that things are going to change at Halas Hall.  That's what being so close to the prize can and should do for those who are serious about obtaining it.  Then there are those who just move-on, and forget about it.  Well Bear Fans, I think Jerry has "seen-the-light"

McClure's article shares vital information that does in fact indicate that things have already changed (see article).  For starters, Jerry took "ownership" of his mistakes, and thoroughly understands the criticism and frustration of the fans.  Jerry then "cleaned-house" by getting rid of his director scouting, and director of player personnel.  Jerry replaced two men with one guy; Tim Ruskell. Ruskell is an old friend of Jerry's from the Tampa Bay days.
Ruskell's most visible credit is his part in building the Seattle Seahawks team that made it to the Super Bowl in 2005.  In making this move, Jerry asserted that the need for a "new" business-model was imperative.  Also, expect the Bears to look for lower profile "blue-chip" players not invited to the NFL combine, and who would also be available in the later draft rounds.  Ruskell has also been known to be aggressive in the "free-agent" market as well. So, what do you think Bear Nation????

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