Jay Cutler Will Be Great! With Time......

Some of you may already be saying "what do you mean dude?" he's great now", and I agree. Surprised! To cut to the chase, what I'm saying is that Cutler is a QB with great skills and physical agility. Cutler's greatness will become more and more apparent when he gets more "time-in-the-pocket".

Living in Tennessee has been quit a disadvantage when it comes to being able to see every Bear game (we will see every game in 2011 however). Thanks to The NFL Network, I got a chance to see the Bears vs Jets game when we scored over 40 points. What I saw was our QB looking just as good, if not better than guys like Brady, River, Rodgers, and Manning. Our O-Line did a superior job in the game (against a great defense to-boot) giving Jay all the time he needed to make not just great throws, but passes that were picture-perfect. On just about every TD pass, Jay hit Knox and Hester in spots where the Jints DBs could not even think about making a play on the ball.

So the fact are these BFs, with an offensive line, Cutler will make the throws, get us into the post-season (even the big dance), and make his reservation for Hawaii. Yes, I have to say that I now do believe in Jay Cutler (contrary to the critics). If Lovie Smith and Mike Tice saw what I and everyone else saw in those offensive explosions, they will work the living-crap out of the offensive linemen, and make sure that they guard our QB with their very lives.

As for Mike Martz, I suspect that he will make some good adjustments now that he's had 2 years with Cutler (it's do-or-die for Mike this year). We could also use a big target WR like a Braylon Edwards or someone in the free-agent pool mentioned in previous entries. So here's the facts; with a solid O-Line, Great QB, solid WRs, Matt Forte & Chester Taylor, and of coarse our defense lead by Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, and Julius Peppers this spells "Super-Bowl" Folks.

We can take-in to the Cheese-heads, but it won't be easy...

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