Free Agent Free-For-All....

With the lock-out coming to it's end (thank the football gods), the buzz that we hear on a daily basis is how this year's free agent moratorium will look more like the Kentucky Derby.  So what does this mean for the Bears? Plenty...

Contrary to what the Bears front office or Jay Cutler himself may think, the Bears offense is in "great" need of a Wide Receiver.  With this free agent class of 2011, the Bears cannot afford to be left behind.  If we do get "Left Behind", we may very well see our own 7 years of tribulation.

With that said, there are two wide-outs (Braylon Edwards & Malcom Floyd) that would be a good fit for our team (one is an absolute can't miss prospect).  That can't miss WR is Malcom Floyd from San Diego.  I remember having my eye on Floyd during the 2004 draft, but he went undrafted.  The Chargers picked-up Floyd and held on to him for six years.  Floyd's 2010 season was his best where he caught 37 passes for 717yrds (2009's 45 for 776yrds withstanding) with 6 TD catches.

Malcom Floyd (6'5" 200lbs) would be the perfect compliment to Knox and Hester.  Floyd would be a great possession receiver, while Knox would serve as our deep-threat, and Hester a great catch-and-run specialist with wide-out screens, quick slants etc.  This is the very same formula where Mike Martz did his best work in St. Louis, thus bringing us "The Greatest Show On Turf".  Martz really likes Hester & Knox, and he's smart enough to know that a solid possession WR would make his system complete like when he had Tory Holt, Isaac Bruce, and Ricky Proehl at his disposal.

So, the ball is on Jerry's and Tim's side of the court.  Are they men enough to serve????????



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