We Could Be Close To A Deal.....

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Goodell and Smith Shake

Reports have indicated that the NFL and the Players Union have been meeting at the table in an attempt to hammer out a deal in several "private" sessions.  It would seem that Jeff Pash's statement regarding the need to work things out without the intervention of the courts, can be taken at "face-value".

The courts However, still have yet to determine if the "lock-out" was either legal or illegal.  Honestly, it would seem that either side could care-less.  Both the owners and players have seen the hand writing on the wall, and have recognize this simple request "WE WANT FOOTBALL!"

Perhaps in a week from today, we will get a much clearer picture.  Meanwhile, several owners have been speaking out, such as Colts owner Jim Ursay.  Ursay categorically stated that he could work things out with the team's rep. Jeff Saturday in record time given the opportunity.  In Chicago, Jay Cutler has been encouraging workouts with the offensive unit in preparation of the 2011 season with the coaches eager to get to work.

At this point we can only hope that this dismal situation will come to a swift end, and then we can get back to really knowing what to expect regarding our team, and what they may look like come September.  Owners have also hinted that they do-not wish to see any games (pre-season and/or regular season) be missed.

The NFL has a huge opportunity here to show just how committed they are to giving the fans what we "rightfully" deserve, and that is a full season with all the bells-and-whistles.

Keep your fingers crossed.....



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