Now Coaches, And Players Want To Get Back To Work.....

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Goodell, Pash and Others

This should come as now surprise to anyone. The picture posted above, get a "good" look at it.  If this thing continues to go south, then those are the men we have to blame, along with a few selfish owners.

In fairness however, I must say that I was greatly surprised to see and hear Jeff Pash state that the two parties need to get back to the bargaining table, and out of the court room.  This proves that the league and the owners are beginning to see "the hand writing, on the wall".  ratings were down for the NFL Draft, and now we've seen the rookie symposium get axed due to the stoppage (which by the way is the longest in NFL history).
With the coaches now in the same boat as the players (missing time, loosing money etc), the owners really need to wake-up and smell the bacon.  Goodell needs to prove to us all that he can, and will run the league in the way that his predecessors did "THE RIGHT WAY".  What even frustrated me the most, was hearing last week that the league was looking to fine entire teams for excessive dangerous hits. 
When you really think about it, this league (under Goodell) has done more to take money away from the players, rather than make the league more profitable in the way that both David Stern did for the NBA, and Allen H. (Bud) Selig did for MLB.  Goodell thus far has been nothing but a fake, and a fraud.  He smiles at us on one side, but sticks-it to us in the back every time (can you remember the last time the commissioner got booed at the NFL Draft?).
This stalemate needs to end in June, and go no further.  We need to flood the league office with calls, emails, faxes etc. to send "our" message.  We must do the same to our team offices as well.  Let them know, "get this thing back-on-track" or else they can kiss their "billions" GOODBYE......
PS. Why support an organization/business, or put your hard earn dollars into a product, that gives "nothing" in return...  Football is not a drug. We're not hooked (but for maybe a few), and we can live without it if need be.


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  • Perhaps this down time can be best used by the team management to trim some dead weight like Collins and Mike Martz.

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