Lock-Out Now Reaching Critical Phase......

Lockout photo.jpg

As many of you already know, the NFL Lockout continues per the decision by the court to grant a temporary "stay" of Judge Nelson's decision in favor of the players about a month ago.  To make matters worse, Goodell seems to be perfectly comfortable with the situation "despite" the fans who want football.

You would think that it would be the players to boycott and go on strike on order to get their demands fulfilled.  No, it's the opposite.  The owners want the players to continue to be "subservient" to them, and to not see Football become like Baseball where the players are just as rich as the owners.  I really hate to go there, but I most say-it; it appears that the owners want to keep the plantation alive and well with the players following along as sheep and flunkies.  Well the modern NFL players have gotten hip-to-the-scam, and have decided to do whatever it takes to get the game up and running for the fans to enjoy.

From my vantage point (as I've clearly stated before), the owners do not have a legitimate leg to stand on in this scenario.  They could have worked much harder at the negotiating table with a "good-faith" gesture of opening the fiscal ledgers as our owners were willing to do. Instead, they turned the situation over and into the hands of attorney Jeff Pash.

Pash could care less about the game, and what we fans "truly" want from the franchises
They "faithfully" support (rain or shine).  No Pash, Goodell, and the owners want "Cart-Blanche" when it comes to treating the player any way they wish.

Don't just sit back and let this happen,  start asking the owners some "real" tough and conscience probing questions.  If need be, let the owners know that we WILL boycott the games if they don't get their act together.

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