Goodell And Smith, Two Names That Will Go-Down In "Infamy"

Smith v Goodell.jpg

Goodell vs. Smith

With things being what they are now in this insidious "lockout", it would be safe to conclude that this is an event that will do a considerable amount of damage to the NFL for years to come.  Right now it would take a miracle (like Moses parting the Red Sea) for fans to simply walk-away, forgive, and forget.

The two men at the center of this fiasco is commissioner Roger Goodell, and head of the players association DeMaurice Smith.  Both of these men and their names will forever by linked to the season that never was.  What makes this situation even more tragic is the players who were drafted cannot even begin their contract negotiations with the teams that drafted them, thus leaving their futures still up-in-the-air.

Veteran players have been forced to go out-of-pocket just to have workouts with their team mates, and prepare for the upcoming season (which may never become a reality).  The players already voiced their displeasure with commissioner Goodell, and have labelled him as a person who does-not have the players interests at heart.  This alone can cost Goodell considerably down the road.

From where I sit, I can't understand why the owners are taking this hard-line stance against the players.  The owners have-yet to communicate a legitimate, and reasonable argument as to why we may not have football this summer and fall.  The only thing I can say is this; guilty men hide behind their lawyers and let them do the talking in hope to get off the hook.  Innocent men are always ready and willing to tell their side of the story to whomever, and whenever.

The ball is on the owners side of the court now. Are they men enough to serve???????    


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  • Posturing, posturing.... This will go on for a while and in the end there will be an agreement. Training camp schedules will be interferred with and schedules will be disrupted a bit but in the end, when football begins again, this chapter will fade until next time. 12 or 15 yrs from now given the past record of labor disputes in the NFL.

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