Cutler "Settling-Down" Into A Firm Leader In Chicago

Cutler After NFC Title Game Against The Pack.jpg

Cutler After The NFC Title Game

Chicago Sun Times writer Sean Jensen wrote yet another great article which details how Jay Cutler is distinguishing himself as the leader of this team (see article).

Recently Cutler has been reaching for as many offensive players as possible in an effort to get everyone together for some offensive team workouts despite the "lockout".  Jay was also the very first Bear player to welcome #1 pick OT Gabe Carimi to the team after the draft. 

What Jay is focusing on now (other then his well publicized engagement to Kristen Callavari) is getting the Bears offensive unit together to work on plays etc.  This is yet another indication that Jay is beginning to settle very nicely into his role as a team leader. 

As much as I usually don't like to bring the personal angle into to things, I must say that his relationship, and eventual union with actress Kristen Callavari is pointing Jay in a positive direction. Kristen was also there for Jay helping him process through a very bitter defeat in the post season to GB, and the criticism hurled his way after the game as well.

Jay Cutler is winning-over my "undying" confidence and support. This latest effort to get the offensive unit together is proof to me that he is very serious about leading the Bears back to the Super Bowl in 2011 (however, thanks to Roger Goddell, Jeff Pash, and the owners, we may see an "abbreviated" 2011 season).

I think DeMaurice Smith said it best: "This is the first time in the history of professional sports, that an ownership has decided to use the courts to keep from playing it's game"...  For every owner who has been in favor of this "travesty", you all need to be ashamed of yourselves......

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