Tuesday "Shocker", Players Turned Away At Halas Hall

Tribune writer Brad Briggs posted an article which to-say-the-least, left me virtually "speechless". As we know, some players (since judge Nelson's ruling to lift the lockout yesterday) have made attempts to return to their usual off-season workouts at their respective teams facilities.  However, many of them (including our players) were "turned-away" (see article).

Damn! Just when I was singing the praises of how our ownership wanted to see this lockout come to an end, The Bears "brass" decide to take the "low-road".  Even player representative Robbie Gould could not believe that the organization would (in his words) "go there".  Well Bears fans "believe-it", they did go there.

On the other hand, Bears President Ted Phillips (who refuses to call Nelson's ruling a setback
for the clubs), said the team is waiting for "clarification."  Hey Ted! in case you haven't noticed, Judge Nelson's ruling was predicated on the fact that the lockout "WAS-NOT-LEGAL", and that the owners sought to do "harm" to the players by "literally" forcing the players into a compromising position that would render them relatively vulnerable, and desperate to make a deal on the NFL's terms.

The lockout (as stated before) was an end towards a means which was to enhance the owners position of leverage at the bargaining table. To add injury to insult, the owners sought to gain "financially" by getting paid for TV revenues despite the games being played. SO WHOSE ZOOMING WHO?????

With the owners asserting that the NFLPA used the "desertification" move to further their negotiating position is literally "The-Pot-Calling-The-Kettle-Black".  What makes this situation even more ridiculous, is Roger Goddell's lack of leadership, and wisdom in a situation that could do "er-reversal" damage to one of America's favorite pass-times; NFL Football...

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