Robbie Gould Speaks His Mind, My Kind Of Guy.....

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Gould Kicks-Off Some Strong Words For The Owners

The Bleacher Report highlighted a Tribune article where Bears "Ace" Kicker and Player Rep Robbie Gould called-out the NFL owners with some "right-between-the-goal-posts" truth (see article).

Gould's words where almost the same as mind when he said:
"This lockout is all because of the owners' greed. I'm sorry if that sounds cold, but it is the truth."
I said it before and I'll say it again, this lockout was induced by the greed of the owners plan
and simple.  The players are angry, and so should we.  Think about it... What if (God-forbid) we loose some regular season games, what excuse will the owners come up with then?  When the owners do have something to say, it gets said through their (blank-blank) attorneys.
Goddell has a bona-fide "mess" on his hands, and he has no one else to blame but himself. 
Now to put things into perspective, I won't paint "all" owners with the same brush.  In fact, many of you have read here and in the Chicago papers that our owners are committed to seeing this lock-out end, even if it requires opening of the fiscal ledgers.  There are a hand full of owners who are "not" in total agreement with what their counterparts are doing.  So don't kid yourself, not all the owners are driven by greed.
Back to Goddell, unlike NBA commissioner Dave Stern, how many interviews has Goddell done during this crisis?  What excuse will Goddell have if we loose games?  I'll tell what I believe he'll say,  Goddell will (like he's always done) blame the players and those who represent them.  
Goddell knew full-well when he took the job of commissioner that a lock-out was just around the corner waiting to happen, but he did nothing.  Think about-it, Goddell (out of the gate) began his campaign of virtually "pick-pocketing" the players with his crusade of fines, fines, and more fines.  Now he's just doing it "out-right".   

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