Owner's Strategy Leaves "The Fans" With The Short End Of The Stick

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Roger Goddell & Jeff Pash, The "Gruesome-Twosome"

Last Friday's Tribune article by Sam Farmer, gave us a line-for-line look at both sides in the dispute (see article).

So for those "on-the-fence" between the owners and players, here's "the-truth" straight-up; just as the players used a "strike" as a means for "leverage" in 1987 dispute, the owners are using the "lock-out" as a tool for leverage in this episode.  Does it get any simpler than this???
Also, if the owners win in court on 4/6, then the players will be forced to make a deal that will benefit the owners, and (rest-assured) the players will miss some paychecks, and games may be jeopardized as well.  So there it is, we will get the shaft.... 

Another thing that makes this whole situation even more appalling, is the fact that at the center of "all-of-this" is 9.3 billion dollars.  Yes folks "billions" of dollars.  While the rest of us (who pay the ticket prices and other expenses that "propel" this NFL machine) struggle to survive in this "sluggish" economy, the "majority" of the NFL owners could care-less that we're getting hosed, as long as they get their dough.
On the other hand, again I must state how pride I am to be a Chicago Bears Fan whose ownership (to-a-fault at times) run their organization in a "cost-efficient" manner.  I have also always lived by this principle; that in times of crisis, a persons "true-colors" are always revealed. 
The Bears organization has shown that they do care about the fans, and their employees (with no layoffs or pay cuts during the lockout).  CEO Ted Phillips has consistently maintained a positive attitude, and a continual desire to get things back to normal.  Phillips has also (recently) stated that if need-be, our ball club "will" open the books as well.  

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