Judge Rules In Favor Of The Players, HA!!!!!!!!!!

Just as expected, judge Nelson ruled in favor of the NFL Players according to todays evening edition of The Washington Post (see article).

The judges decision places an injunction ending the imposed "lockout" by the NFL owners.  However, the NFL owners claim that they had every right to imposed the said lockout, and that they will in fact "appeal" the federal judges decision (GOOD LUCK GODDELL!)
Judge Nelson wrote the following in her decision:

The players "have made strong showing that allowing the league to continue their 'lockout' is presently inflicting and will continue to inflict irreparable harm upon them, particularly when weighed against the lack of any real injury that would be imposed on the NFL by issuing the preliminary injunction. The public interest favors the enforcement of the antitrust laws and their underlying pro-competition policy,".

So there you have it.  We've said "all-along" that this lockout was owners heavy-handed attempt to bring the players association to it's knees, and give themselves the advantage in the bargaining process.  The owners sought to do damage to the plays and the fans, not taking into account the possibility of endangering the 2011 season.

What also surprises me is that Goddell (who is an attorney by profession) did not cover all the legal basis in this matter, but took the risk of the chips falling his way.  Good attorneys don't like to loose, they simply try to reach the best possible "settlement" when the outlook is bleak.  Perhaps Goddell will consider an agreement at this point rather risk another embarrassment in court......

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