Is The NFL Labor Situation Starting To Resemble "Gridlock" In DC???

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Godell, Smith, and Gay Culverhouse Before the Senate In DC

Not if Judge Susan Richard Nelson has any say about the matter.  On Wednesday (April 6th), Judge Nelson responded as any "wise" and "intelligent" person would, by giving both sides this advice "Work-Things-Out".  Tribune writer Lance Pugmire detailed the proceedings in his Wednesday night article (see article).

Judge Nelson however, did state that she would render her decision in a few weeks, thus allowing time for the NFLPA & the NFL to have a chance to get back to the bargaining table.  Otherwise, Judge Nelson will be forced to make a ruling, which from most sources would most-likely go in favor of the players.

During the brief proceedings, Judge Nelson had more questions for the owners than the players.  In most cases (when litigation is involved), when a judge has a lot of question for one side, but few for the other, it usually means that the more "questionable" a side looks, that side will most likely "lose" the case.

I've said it before, and I'll say-it again, the owners have proven that they don't give a "crap" about the players or the fans.  Meanwhile, the players just want to get back to work and play a "full" season in 2011.  If the owners want to lock-out the players, and deprive the fans of football in 2011, they are going to have to come up with a darn good reason to do so.

Things are much different now in this 21st century.  In the past, it was the players that were painted as the "bad-guys" when they walked-out and went on strike.  Now the shoe is on the other foot, and it's the owners that are using whatever power they have to bring the NFLPA to it's knees for their own gain.  That gain is 9 billion dollars which the owners are holding-on to like a "Wino" holding-on (for dear life) to his last bottle.

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