Cutler Breaks Silence, Ready To "Take-It" To The Cheese-Heads...


Cutler & Rodgers In Post-Game

Sun Times writer Sean Jensen hit yet another "home-rum" of an article with his exclusive interview with our QB Jay Cutler (see article). The article was "extremely" revealing from my standpoint, and gave us a very "sharp" look into what's been going on in the life JC for the last few months.

What I've come to understand is that Cutler did what most of us would do of we were in his shoes.  The intelligent way to handle any such trying circumstance in your life (especially when it seems that "whole" world has turned it's back on you) is to engage in activities with your loved ones, and do your best to put the past behind you.

Now, with that said, much should and can be said about JC's GF Kristen Callavari.  Callavari

Thumbnail image for KRISTEN CALLAVARI.jpg

Kristen Callavari

has stuck by Cutler through what would have to be one of the most trying experiences in his young life.  It is also a testament to the "special" kind of woman she "really" is .  YOU GO KRISTEN!!!!!

What I also liked was the fact that JC expressed his disdain for the Packers, how last year left a "bad" taste in his mouth, and that he feels that we can exact our "revenge" on these PUNKS in 2011....

This morning on ESPN, former Patriots MLB Teddy Bruschi had some words of encouragement for JC in response to the Sun-Times article released this morning.  Bear Fans, WE SHOULD DO THE SAME.  Bruschi pointed out how Cutler's troubles "all-year-long" began on the O-Line.  We all know this to be true. I also had to concede to the fact that not many QB's (like John Elway, Steve Young, Drew Brees, Payton Manning  and "many" others) experienced "immediate-success" when they entered the league.

Jay Cutler wants to win a championship here in Chicago.  I am :"thoroughly" convinced of that now.  The only question is, if Lovie and his crew (Jerry & Tim Ruskell included) will do their part in solidifying a "weak" offensive line, and getting JC better targets to throw too?????

PS. For those of you who are ready to run JC out-of-town, think again.....   


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