Bears 2011 Draft, A "Moratorium" On The Move For Ruskell...

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Now It's The Ruskell & Angelo Show

Right about now, everybody in "Chi-Town" is clamoring about the upcoming draft, and how the Bears need to "hit" this time-around, and not "miss" (see latest Tribune article).

The reality here is that we need to know if Jerry has made the "right" move by bringing in new Director Of Player Personnel Tim Ruskell, period.  If Ruskell is the man for the job, then he will know what we need the most, and where in opposed to what we've seen on draft day in years past.

The article points out a very "alarming" stat, which indicates that Ruskell only drafted "1" Pro-Bowl player in linebacker Lofa Tatupu in 2005 during his stay in Seattle.  Nonetheless, we still do not know what conditions or challenges Ruskell had to deal with in Seattle. Either way, didn't the Seahawks make to the Super Bowl during the Ruskell years???

Now with that said, just put a sock-in-it you "dumb-dumbs", and give the man a chance to show us what He (Ruskell) can accomplish.  Thus far he's been pretty aggressive, and has also indicated that he is not opposed to "trading-up" to secure what the Bears may need, especially on the offensive-line.

Yes, let's give Ruskell the opportunity to show that bringing him on board was the right move that could save Jerry's hide, just like Marinelli and Tice saved Lovie buns......

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