2011 Schedule Will "Really" Be The Litmus Test....

Now that the cats out of the bag regarding our schedule in 2011, we should all keep in mind that our Bears got to the playoffs last year partially on the "strength" of a "weak" schedule from 2009's flop of a season.

Yes Bear Fans, now is not the time to "rush-to-excitement".  We may very well be where we were at the end of 2009; going home in January, calling for the firing of both Lovie & Jerry, and maybe perhaps realizing that Jay Cutler should have sucked-it-up and stayed in Denver.  You may also hear me say (should Mike Martz remain as OC) "DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YA!!!".

With that said, I must admit that in "most" situations I AM THE ETERNAL OPTIMIST.  However, my optimism is based on how well we do in the draft, and even the acquisition of potential "free-agents" who may be a great fit like Peppers.  I haven't given up on Chester Taylor yet, I just believe that Mike Martz isn't the guy that will know how to use such a potentially great talent.

This draft will also be a "referendum" on the addition of Tim Ruskell as Director Of Player Personnel. On the other hand, let's sincerely hope that 2011 will be another trip to the post season, and even another shot at SB XLVI. If not, perhaps the Bears will be in need of new man at the controls like the Bulls did.....


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