Today, It's Lovie's Turn To Get Roasted....

In my last entry, I climbed "all-over" Jay Cutler for lacking the "demonstrative" intangibles needed to be an effective leader and field general.  Today, I take a critical look at HC Lovie Smith in response to Steve Rosenbloom's latest article in the Tribune regarding this same topic (see article).

Steve gave us a very "sobering" reminder of what happened the last time Lovie Smith got a contract extension (for 4 years) after season 2006.  3 out of those 4 years were losing seasons.  Smith replaced defensive coordinator Ron Rivera with Bob Babich who was so in over-his-head that he couldn't even find the water coolers at Halas Hall. The end result? Lovie began calling the defensive plays while his old buddy Rod Marinelli prepared for the job as D-Coordinator.

On the offensive side, Lovie put-up with one more year of Rod Turner's stale offense with Jay Cutler at the controls, and got nothing in return, thus leaving Smith with "no-choice" but to unload Turner at the end of the 2009 season.  2010, enter Mike Martz, another familiar face to Lovie who took over the offensive.  However, Martz had to be reigned-in by Smith to re-work the offense into a more "balanced" unit with a strong running attack.

The facts are this, Lovie came alive and coached the Bears with a better "sense-of-urgency" when his job was on the line.  We can only hope that Lovie has learned from his 3 year "BOLO", and coach every year as if his life depended on-it. 

In my opinion, I "firmly" believe that the reason Phillips only granted Smith a 2 year extension (which makes his tenure even with Jerry's) was to take a very "good" look at whether or not the Lovie & Jerry show is what the Bears need to be a successful franchise, or are they as some have put-it "Dumb-and-Dumber"...


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  • Great article Hermano Gary.
    Plenty of blame to go around down @ Halas hall. Please, Lovie, Ted, Jerry, get it right this season (If they play...), cause that window is closing...

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