Phillips Shows More Flashes Of A "Dynamic" Leader...


Bears New Prez, Ted Phillips

Sun-Times writer Sean Jensen unleashed yet another informative article regarding (new man in-charge) Ted Phillips, who is very commitment to getting a deal done in this labor "squabble" so that the teams can get back to the business of Football (see article).

In Jensen's article Phillips went on to state: "If the league feels, to get a

DeMaurice Smith, The Face Of Dredd

deal done, they need to release
[financials], we're on board," Phillips said. "I'm actually proud of how
we operate our club. We think we do a good job, revenue-wise and
expense- wise."
  Phillips also went on to boast how the Bears as an organization that is worry-free of any "issues".

So once again, Phillips has shown his on-going zeal for seeing this "lock-out" come to an end, and is willing to do whatever is necessary to get the teams back to work. That's "dynamic" leadership period.  In fact, so far what I've seen of Phillips has impressed me for the most part, and I "firmly" that he will take the Bears in a positive direction.

I also believe that Phillips will be a much better leader of the organization then Michael McCaskey ever was, and here's why:

  • I believe that Phillips cares about the same things "we" fans care about "WINNING".
  • Phillips was most likely the driving force behind the "sense-of-urgency" in 2010 that was apparent in the Bears camp, and throughout the season.
  • I also believe that Phillips has made a significant "effort" in learning and understanding NFL Football, and how it works (he was not blinded by his own ambition, but was willing to put his ego aside to learn the nuances of the game.
  • I feel that Phillips will take a more "active" role in overseeing teams operations, and ensure that proper controls are put in place in order to maintain a "winning" culture year-in-and-year-out.



Phillips Routes-On The Bears With GM Angelo

Thus far the aforementioned is what I've observed from Phillips. For those who disagree,  so-be-it.  Otherwise, we should pay very close attention to how Phillips has approached this labor dispute, and realize that all Phillips wants is another crack at the cheese-heads, and taking them out indefinitely.

What do you say Bears Nation???????

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