NFL Files Motion To "Keep" The Lockout In Place, "BAD" Mistake.....

Just when sports writers and sports "talking-heads" were hammering the NFLPA regarding their "public image", the owners & the NFL move to keep this "God-Forsaken" Lockout in place.  I don't need to ask, I'm just going to come right out and say-it; "THEY'VE LOST THEIR MINDS!!!".

Why would the owners want to keep this "charade" going?  Why do they think that the players "desertification" was nothing more than a "sham" as they put-it.  I'll tell you why, they want to control "all" the marbles, and maintain the greater amount of leverage.  Need I remind everyone of what the owners were planning 3 years ago in 2008, and how they were going to seize billions of dollars in TV revenue just to bring the players to their knees in a lockout situation.

I'm sorry Bears Fans, I am thoroughly convinced as to the "true" motives of these owners who like to "window-dress" what they think the populous wants to hear, but all the while pull some of the most "under-handed" dirty tricks to keep the players right where they want them, under their thumb, and at their mercy.  Why do you think that have gotten to this point, and why the players are so bitter.  I'll tell you why, because someone in this relationship wants only what they want, and "to-hell" with the other party. 
Granted, I don't totally agree with Adrian Peterson's characterization of "modern-day-slavery", but I will say this; even though these players get paid millions of dollars for their services (when slaves got "nothing" during that dark period in our countries history), in theory, it is slavery.  Just by the simple fact that the owners outright "refuse" to negotiate in "good-faith".  Then they turnaround and file a motion to keep the work stoppage in place. 

The Players want to play, and get back to work. They owners just want to keep their piece of the pie and constantly remind "the-hired-help" who writes the checks.  So, for those of you who think that the owners have that right because they sign the checks, THINK AGAIN.  Without the players, and MOST importantly US, there would be no NFL...... 

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