Greed, Greed, Greed.....

I just read a great article by Tribune writer Bill Plaschke who did not mince words regrading his position in this current labor dispute (see article).  Plaschke made mention of the numerous amount of head injuries that we witness during last season. This also culminated in the suicide of ex-Bear Safety Dave Duerson who suffered from severe head trauma as well.

The article also reminded me of yet another bit of evidence which sheds more light on just how "GREEDY" the NFL owners have become.  The evidence is the fact that thanks to a "unanimous" vote by the owners, we will see Super Bowl Games being played in places like NJ, NY, and other "cold-weather" locations.  Dallas was just the beginning, and we saw just how that "fiasco" played out.
I'm sorry folks, my little stool remains in the corner of the players in this "slug-fest".  The players are just simply asking for their fair share, consideration for retired players, medical benefits, and more concern for their well-being and safety (this is where the sticking point of the 18 game season comes in).  The owners just want more money at the expense of the players with a longer season, and benefits of hosting a Super Bowl Game at their stadiums with weather and field conditions "be-damned".
Most of these owners (with exception of our ownership) have spent hundreds and millions of dollars building "new' stadiums with more "luxury" boxes to entertain more and more corporate suites.  Then there's ticket prices, they keep going up even in this economy.  When the owners get asked about the prices, they blame the players and their escalating salaries.
Here's "The-Truth" folks, the owners are already rich.  They buy NFL teams as "good" investments, and look at the teams as nothing more than a "cash-cow".  Now I'm not saying that all NFL owners are likes this.  In fact, I've been very impressed with our teams ownership, and how they've been handling this situation.  We have Art Rooney who "flat-out" stated that he was "not-in-favor" of an 18 game season.  
So in the long-run, we need to really understand why we're in this situation, and realize that perhaps the players had "no-choice".


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  • If I'm one of these billionaire owners right now I wouldn't even care, I'd be snorting a fine mix of cocaine & crushed sunflower seeds off of the ample breasts of Victoria Secret models while high on meth.

  • In reply to gwill:

    If we had more owners like you, there definitely would be No NFL Football to speak of..... (chuckle)

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