Change Kick-Off Rules, Why???

Here we go again with the NFL trying to re-invent the wheel, when the game has what it needs to remain "exciting".  Brad Briggs article from last Saturday spelled out the "nut-and-bolts" of the "proposed" new kick-off rules which would impact one of our most exciting players Devin Hester (see article).

In the past 5 years we've seen an array of great return men, and some "electrifying" moments that have even change the complexion of some games (like the Denny Green meltdown game where Hester went coast-to-coast to win that game in 2006).  So why does the NFL want to "water-down" one of the main components that has made the game more exciting?
You know, I'm beginning to wonder if the owners of the "crappy" teams are behind some of these rule changes to give their "pathetic" teams a "unfair" chance to catch up with the elite teams?  Look, it's like this (for those owners of crappy teams), if you can't run your teams well enough to produce a winning produce, don't fall into the "misery loves company" category, just run your organizations better, or get out of the game....
Some of these "schlock" owners could learn a thing or two from a guy like Mark Cuban.  When Cuban took over the Dallas Mavericks, he immediately improved the conditions for the players in addition to giving the organization a complete "over-haul".  Yet again, he gave something in return.  The result, the Mavs have been a winning team ever since.  
Hmmm, maybe that's something that the NFL owners now should take a look at in the current labor debacle.  Hey guys! Have you ever thought maybe it's a better idea to give the players some things, rather then always taking things away?????

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