Bears Remain "Aggressive" In Their Search For "New" Talent...

Tribune writer Brad Briggs has remain "on-the-beat", following the Bears continued efforts in "re-tooling" and "re-loading" for another potential championship run in 2011 (lockout withstanding - see article).

It's more proof that Phillips was serious when he declared that the Bears organization would continue their work, and prepare for the draft.  In recent days, the team has look at defensive tackle Corey Liuget, running back Mikel Leshoure and linebacker Martez Wilson, possible first-round draft picks (all three prospects are from Illinois).  

Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, director of player personnel Tim Ruskell and running backs coach Tim Spencer led a contingent of six coaches and scouts who showed up "in force" at the combines to get a close and hard look at the aforementioned players.  So far DT Liuget has looked "explosive" according to DC Marinelli.

The long-and-short of this appears that the Bears are getting a great feel for how they want to build this team.  This could also mean that we will regain some kind of "identity" which has been missing for quite some time.  As I see it, their looking to build this team with a very strong defense, and a well balanced offense capable of putting up points, and controlling the football.



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