Packers Win SB XLV, Bears Get Busy...

As much as I can't stand the fact that GB won SB XLV, today's "Bleacher Report" give us some encouraging news.  The Bears sign the CFL's "top" Wide Receiver Andy Fantuz (see article).

The last time that I can remember a "top-flight" CFL player coming to the NFL, and having success, was Warren Moon.  We will do some more research into the 5 year career of Fantuz, but till then I must admit that this news came as a "pleasant" surprise to me in the aftermath of SB XLV.
It will take some "aggressive" maneuvering in the front office now if we wish to improve enough to overtake the Packers next season.  Every person "to-a-man" in the Bears organization must now see the "hand-writing-on-the-wall", Green Bay is now considered to be not only the "better" team in the NFC North, but the "best" team period.
To give credit where credit is due: 
  • Aaron Rodgers turned-out to be all but as scary as I said he was (in our shows early in the season).   
  • Mike McCarthy did an "exceptional" job in coaching despite loosing 15 players to injury, and getting his team to the big-game (not to mention that GB lost Woodson & Driver to injury during SB XLV).
  • Dom Capers defense turned out to be the "X" factor in GB's success.  It was take-aways that spelled "doom" for Pittsburgh early in the game, and in the 4th quarter.

Back in 1996 (the last time GB won a Super Bowl), the Pack continued their "strangle-hold" on the division for several years under Mike Holmgren.  Meanwhile our Bears continued their run of "mediocrity" under Wannstedt and Jauron.  So what's it gonna be this time-around Jerry & Lovie???

The Bears will not only need to improve & build on what they accomplished this year, they will need to have an ever more "sense-of-urgency" like they began this season with.  Signing Fantuz could be a step in the right direction, but we still need help on the O-Line, D-Line, a pass rushing LB, a Free Safety, a Punter, and a "solid" back-up QB (preferably Hanie).

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