Lesson Learned; Bears Will Not "Franchise" Tag Anyone

Friday's Tribune article gave me the continued assurance that Jerry will take a different approach to our upcoming free-agent players (see article).  In fact, Brad Briggs article also indicated that the Bears will most likely re-sign those free agents that were on the starting line-up such as: Olin Kreutz, Anthony Adams, Daniel Manning, Pisa Tinoisamoa, and Corey Graham (who greatly distinguished himself on "special-teams" this past season).

On the other hand, don't expect the following players to get re-signed:
Todd Collins, Garrett Wolf, Rashied Davis, Desmond Clark, and possibly Brad Maynard.  These players made no significant contribution to the Bears success during season 2010.  If anything, they became more "dead-wood" than viable and productive players.

As much as I've been "hammering" Jerry Angelo all season long; it seems as if he may have taken a good look at himself in the mirror, and began to ask "himself" some very tough questions.  If this organization is "serious" about responding to the failures of 2010, then it will take a "critical" look at what we've been doing, and what needs to change.........


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