Jerry Continues His "Aggressive" Search For "Blue-Chip" Players

Today's "Bleacher Report" disclosed yet another gem, announcing the Bears plans to sign Texas Punter Richmond McGee (see article).

In my entry yesterday, I mentioned that we were in need of a punter (on my wish list).  Well it's seems that Jerry agrees.  Perhaps Jerry realizes now that we saw how Lovie responded to the "critics". Now it's His turn. 

So far Jerry has picked-up a WR from Canada, and a punter from Texas.  That leaves; a Pass Rushing LB, a D-Lineman, an O-Linemen, a Free Safety, and a "solid" back-up QB.

Perhaps we can take some credit for holding Jerry's feet to the fire (so-to-speak) in being "aggressive" in an attempted to "re-tool", re-load, and go after GB with "full-force" in 2011.

What do you say Bear Fans????

And don't leave us hanging. If you really "CARE" about this team, "SHAKE-THE-LAKE-DAMMIT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  • Gary I really like the Andy Fantuz signing, but I have to wonder if this doesnt signal the end for Greg Olsen, who was under used this year anyways. Additionally, what difference does this signing make if the Bears wont throw to him anyways? Thoughts?

  • In reply to Nebulos66:

    As always you make an excellent point. However, for Jerry to be this active this early, could also spell some re-evaluation of Mike Martz. I wrote in an earlier entry that Martz was the "mastermind" behind unloading LeFevour, and making Hanie 3rd string. Martz also had to be "rained-in" by Lovie to run the ball more which resulted in our playoff push after the bye-week. Personally, I'm not very comfortable with Martz based on what I saw in the last two games against GB, and his play calling.

  • In reply to Nebulos66:

    Yes a mighty poor move on the QB depth, especially since Collins has never really done much in the first place with any team. How he remained on the roster after the Carolina game, not to mention got repromoted to #2 is mind boggling. People do change, and I hope Martz understands now we dont play in a dome, where the game is simply a track meet. I certainly hope we dont just "give" Olsen away without ever having realized what an asset he could have been.

  • In reply to Nebulos66:

    In all fairness, Dan LeFevour wasn't really "unloaded". It was likely never the Bears' intention to keep in on the 53 man roster and, instead, move him to the practise squad as a developmental player until they could insert him as a legitimate 2 or 3. If you'll recall, the Bengals broke protocol and signed him off waivers before Chicago got to it. Why Angelo wasted a pick on him in the FIRST place, I'll never know, but that's neither here nor there.

    Secondly, I'm not sure what you guys have against Caleb Hanie. He's shown nothing to suggest that he isn't every bit as capable as any other backup QB in the league. In point of fact, I'd put money on the fact the he's more capable than most, as he's played well in every situation into which he's been placed, limited as they may have been. It takes a ridiculous amount of composure to have your first meaningful NFL experience be the NFC championship game with your entire team's season on the line. It's even more impressive to come back from an interception to lead your team to two scores - a feat neither starter in the game achieved.

  • In reply to teejaysplace:

    GREAT! entry TJ, but to set the record straight, we've definitively adjusted our position on Hanie since the NFC title game. I AGREE WITH YOU. Hanie can even be a starter if he was given the opportunity. That's why the Bears are scrambling to try an figure out a way to Hanie from "getting-away"....

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