"If" The Cheese-Heads Become World Champs....

As we draw closer to Super Bowl XLV, the anxiety is beginning to mound (to say the least).  That "anxiety" is the very thought of the Green Bay Packers becoming world champions.  What makes matters worse, is that "all" this week I've been noticing that not only is Vegas picking GB, but over 90% of the players and even celebs that I've listened to are picking the Packers to win.  Has the whole world gone Cheese-Head?????

So, I felt it necessary to layout some truths that we Bears Fans would have to live with should the "unthinkable" happen:

  • If the Packers become world champs; then Chicago will "never" hear the end of-it until the Pack get their heads handed to them (hopefully by us) as they "try" to repeat.
  • If the Packers become world champs; then the only positive thing would be GB forgetting about that "Pre-Madonna" #4 (I don't even want to say his freak-in name).
  • If the Packers become world champs; I can see Aaron Rodgers sending Jay Cutler a case of some of the worlds most "expensive" wine, thanking him for playing so BAD, and causing the Pack to beat us "twice".
  • If the Packers become world champs; then Lovie Smith will realize that his pledge to beat GB meant "absolutely" nothing.
  • If the Packers become world champs: then "maybe" Packer fans will grow a set of balls to call our show in a "lame" attempt to give us grief about season 2010.
  • If the Packers become world champs; then "true-navy-blue" Bear fans will "really" take a LONG-HARD-LOOK at the job this ownership has been doing, and DEMAND CHANGE, or "boycott" the games.
  • If the Packers become world champs; then we'll never hear the end of the "media-love-feast"  with Aaron Rodgers.
  • If the Packers become world champs; then Head Coach Mike McCarthy will emerge as another "media-darling". They may even begin to compare him Belichek. 
  • If the Packers become world champs; then President Obama (a Bear Fan) will have to invite the cheese-heads to the White House to exchange "pleasantries" (If I were in Barack's shoes, I'd tell the Packers to visit Capital Hill instead).

Yes, I could go "on & on" about how life would all but be a bad dream for every Bear Fan if GB wins tomorrow.  However, the "ugly" truth is, "if" the Packers become world champs, we only have "OURSELVES" to blame......


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  • Gary...being here in the U.P. of Michigan, AFTER that terrible loss to the Chesse-heads, and all the pomp and hype, and all of these Cheese-heads wearing there gear, Wal-mart and local stores with the T-shirts and jersey's...Mi Amigo, I'm livin' this nite-mare! At least if I was back in the Motherland, I'd be sorta removed from this "Cheese-mania"
    So far, from week 17 till the NFC championship game my prayer's WERE'NT answered...
    Maybe, they will be this time!
    BEAR DOWN!!!

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