If Jerry Let's Hanie Get Away, Then He Is Asleep At The Wheel...

Today the Bear Report's (Bleacher Report), released an article which disclosed the possibility of Caleb Hanie going elsewhere should he get the opportunity to compete for a starting job. Hell, after what he did in a big game with very little work, and making a 16 year veteran look like a "scrub" (which Collins is anyway), can you blame Hanie.

In the back of my mind, I entertained the thought of Hanie competing with Cutler next year for the top spot, but that was only a "pipe-dream".  Realistically however, Hanie showed that he does have the "right-stuff" to be a starter.  I've even said that if Hanie was given more reps, He'd probably be just-as-good as Jay.  Now I know why John Crist (BR Editor & Chief) loves Hanie so-much.

Caleb Hanie proved to me and the rest of the civilized world that he can "flat-out" play QB in the NFL.  Hanie has a "great" work ethic, and a tremendous "aptitude" for the game.  Even after the Raji "pic-six", Hanie still searched, and found ways to exploit a good GB defense.  Hanie also had the Bears driving down the field again with a 1:27 left in the game, but then Mike Martz did his "usual" trip-over his own IQ by calling a TO, then running a play which had absolutely "no-chance" to work.

Jay Cutler needs to be challenged.  Every QB has had to deal with such a scenario at some time or another.  I could care-less if Cutler got his petty feelings hurt.  Jay needs to really know what it means to "work" for something rather then having it handed to him.  Let's face-it Bear Fans, Cutler checked-out of Denver when McDaniel made the "slightest" hint of another QB coming in to compete for the starting job.

Don't misunderstand my perspective here.  Jay Cutler is a very talented QB, but he has a "very" long way to go before he can be named among signal callers like Breese, Brady, Manning, Roethlisberger, and yes even Aaron Rodgers.....


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