Bears Making "Unpresidented" Moves By Retaining "Key" Personnel

In today's Chicago Tribune, "Big" Brad Briggs wrote yet another "compelling" article which disclosed the latest activity in the Bears Front Office (see article).

Offensive Line coach Mike Tice was bared from talking to the Tennessee Titans about a position as Offensive Coordinator.  Tice was then given a new deal which locks him up through season 2012.  There were other coaches that were given new deals as well. Those individuals were: LB Coach Bob Babich, RB Coach Tim Spencer, and DB Coach Jon Hoke.

Truthfully it's been a while since we've seen the Bear front office take such an "aggressive" approach to keeping worthy and talented personnel on the payroll.  This is "very" refreshing.  Is it possible that the front office will culminate these moves with more moves to further "solidify" our roster of players???

We are still in need of: a pass rushing OLB, a swift DE to compliment Peppers (like Dent did for Dan "Danimal" Hampton. We also need a "stud" Offensive Tackle, a Safety, and a "solid" 3rd QB (Hanie is a "perfect" fit for the #2 spot).  A formidable "deep" threat WR would be nice (Fantuz seems to be more of a possession type WR).  Johnny Knox has drawn some fire recently from Marshall Faulk regarding the "poor" routes he runs on an infrequent basis.  Perhaps one of several "free-agent" WRs (like Braylon Edwards, Santana Moss, Vincent Jackson, and Plaxico Burress just to name a few), provide some solutions to that weak area.

Truthfully, Moss or Edwards would be a good fit in our offense.  The others bring a bit "too-much" baggage.  Vincent Jackson would not be bad either, even though I would "prefer" the aforementioned.



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  • My only hope is, that they evaluate and keep the RIGHT players! We've been frustrated in the past with Coach Smith's, Martz, and especially Jerry Angelo's ability to evaluate players, and especially the ones right under their nose's!

  • In reply to BobbyMoncivais:

    Jerry has a lot to loose, and nothing to gain if he doesn't stay in "high-gear" and compete with the Cheese-heads. It would not have mattered if GB had lost SB XLV, everyone would just said "We told you so. You were no match for the experience of the Steelers". However, the "unthinkable" happened, and if this crew wants to keep their jobs, they'd better come after GB like a bull chasing a red-shirt. Hell, if I was the owner of the Bears, I would be raising "wholly-hell" everyday of the week until I saw some changes that would ensure our overtaking of those Damn Packers in 2011. Otherwise, people would be looking for jobs. What separates the successful from the marginal, is those who are willing to make a "stand" and get "mad-as-hell" saying "We're going to take this anymore"... However, all the McCaskeys are worried about is their quarterly revenue charts, not realizing that "winning" means more asses in the seats, and $$$$$$$$. WHERE'S DONALD TRUMP???

  • In reply to BobbyMoncivais:

    Now, more than ever,"Beat the Cheese-head's" should be the mantra! Only because it seem's that if you can compete and beat the Cheese-head's, you ARE an elite team!Yes, pains me to say it, but they are the bench-mark the Bears' have to meet. It's not only a NFC north thing. This organization, from the TOP, have let winning go by the wayside, trumped by the all-mighty dollar! Areed Gary, winning put butt's in the seat's, equals revenue!

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