Bear Report's Current Issue, "A-Hit"!!!!

If you haven't subscribed to The Chicago Bear Report magazine by now, by ALL means I suggest you do.  Editor John Crist and crew definitely hit this one "out-of-the-park" with the current April issue.

Crist and his team opened with the cover story about Jay Cutler, and why he's pretty much created his own dilemma in the Windy City.  The BR then did a comparison piece about defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, and offensive coordinator Mike Martz. Then to top it all off, the BR did a "pictorial" of the entire 2010 season, and a "mock" draft for 2011.  Yes, this was a "damn" good issue.

I've given the BR some grief in the past on some articles, but I have to give credit where credit is due.  Also, for the most part, I sincerely enjoy their work, and  the tremendous effort that they put into keeping us Bear Fans informed.  Their "Bleacher Reports" have been second to none, and "always" provide "vital" information.

To get on board with the Bear Report, visit their website at:

You will not be disappointed....

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