This A "No-Brain'r": Lovie Gets The Extension, Jerry Packs...

With the regular completed, and an appearance in the post-season (with a chance to make-it to the "big-dance") It's a far gone conclusion that Lovie will be staying in Chicago.  On the other hand, I still "thoroughly" believe that Jerry Angelo has over-stayed his welcome and needs-to-go.

During Monday Night's show, we discussed this very topic, and came to this conclusion;  Lovie was Jerry's 3rd choice when he hired him back in 2004 (behind Nick Saban and Russ Grimm).  Jerry had allegedly allowed good players to get away from former coach Dick Jauron which led to his demise.  It appeared that Jerry was up to his "old-tricks" by doing the same thing to Lovie.  However I firmly believe that this time around, Ted Phillips informed Jerry (prior to this season) that his fate was tied to Lovie's, leaving Jerry with these words; "This-time Jerry, whatever happens to Lovie at the end of the season, will happen-to-you...."
Now history indicates that Jerry Angelo's inability to draft consistently well, and sign good free-agents is what led to him getting the boot in Tampa (also costing Tony Dungy his job as well).  Granted, the Buc's new ownership would have probably cleaned house any way which is the usual scenario .  However Jerry's team could never make it to the big game, and "ironically" the Bucs were always great on defense, but "stunk" on offense hmmm.....
Jerry doesn't have a single clue when it comes building a "complete" football team as a good GM is paid to do.  When Jerry signed Jay Cutler 2 years ago, it was a "no-brain'r" since Rex Grossman couldn't hit the broad side of a barn let alone his own receivers.  Getting Cutler was a move any GM would have made.  This year since everybody's jobs were "on-the-line" suddenly Jerry get's motivated to sign 3 key free-agents (but we were still came up short in addressing our O-Line needs, and let's no even get started again with the back-up QB situation).
The bottom line folks, is that Jerry Angelo is an "under-achiever" and certainly "not" worth the money we're paying him.  We need a GM who is going to work closely with the head coach, and for those two to be on the same page "every-year".  Jerry has his own agenda, and he has not changed his approach to the game for nearly 30 years now. 

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