Telling It "Like-It-Is"...

Whenever I look for some "hard-charging" "cutting-edge" "on-the-level" comments, I go straight to Steve Rosenbloom.  Steve is a straight from the hip, and a "no-nonsense" writer, and He's right on the mark once again.  The Bears should dare Rodgers to beat them, and shut-down their "smoke & mirrors" running game (see Rosenbloom's article).

Another fact that "cheese-heads" are forgetting is that the Packers were 3-5 on the road this year, losing to us, Detroit, Miami, Atlanta, and New England.  The Packers on 2 occasions lost games after huge blowout victories the week prior (this shows a tendency to let-down).  The Bears during one stretch this year; blew out Minnesota, shutout Miami, and convincingly beat Philly. Hmmmmmm....
Thus far I've heard Golic, Strahan, T.O, and Farve pick the Pack.  On the other side, we have Ditka, Bruschi, Jaws, Greenberg, and Ocho picking our team.   Yes people, it's a pick-em game in the eyes of most.  In Vegas we are 3 point dog only because of Rodgers.  So if that's the case we need to shut-down the pretty-boy (like we've done before).
If I weren't a Bear fan, I'd still pick Chicago because Aaron Rodgers is not the only great QB that the Bears have faced (playing at their peak), and shutdown.  Brett Farve came off a brilliant "come-from-behind-win" against Arizona the week prior before hitting the wall against us.  Michael Vick beat the Giants like they stole from him the week prior, then got handcuffed by our guys.   The Bears defense "specializes" in shutting down hot QBs (they pride themselves on-it).  
So, if Rodgers is all the cheese-heads (or any one for that matter) can throw at you as justification for picking GB, remind them to "think-again", and just remember who their dealing with....   
NOTE: Tom Brady is not what I would call a hot QB.  He's always on that level and very rarely comes down, except when he met the Jets last week.   The Jets were a pissed-off underdog last week that took-out all over the Pats.  We're ready to do the same this week.  "CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!"


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  • Nice article Gary!
    Now, it's 6:00PM, Saturday...
    Gary..CAN'T WAIT!!!
    GO BEARS'!!!!

  • In reply to BobbyMoncivais:

    Thanks for the kudos Bobbo. It's true fans like yourself as well as Bill & I that truly bleed the Navy-Blue & Orange...
    Sunday's the day, and it's win or go home. Hopefully Monday night's show will be that of a celebration, and not a lament.
    GO BEARS GO!!!!!

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