Seattle's Upset Victory Sets Up Potential "Revenge" Game In Chicago!

So I was wrong (still making me right 98.9% of the time).  The Seahawks did the unthinkable and beat the Saints 41-36 in the Wild-Card Playoff Game today.  Now what this could mean is a scenario where the Seahawks will travel to Soldier Field to meet the Bears in the Divisional Playoffs next week.

Bears v Seahawks Meeting 1.jpg

Bears vs. Seattle In Week 6

If we play Seattle in the Windy City next week, then I expect this game to be a "blood-bath" in

Lynch Steps Out On Bears.jpg

Lynch Steps Out On The Bears In 1st Meeting

our favor.  Every Bear player should look to avenge our home loss to the Seahawks in week six.  As Star Trek II's Khan put-it "revenge is a dish which is best served cold...."   Should that be the case, then Bears will have one more game to win to get to Dallas (is it starting to look more and more like a "grave" possibility???).

As I've said before, Jay Cutler "MUST" bring his "A" game.  Should Cutler play well, then we should win the game hands-down.  In fact, in games where Cutler's QB rating has been over 100%, the Bears are "undefeated".  Our defense will "always" do it's job, but it's our offense that needs to show-up in force.

Pete Carrol's Locker Room Speech.jpg

Carroll Giving Post-Game Speech

Keep in mind however, that Pete Carroll is not one to be "under-estimated" (so we learned today).  As a matter of fact, Carroll had a winning strategy working against the Bears when he faced us as a D-Coordinator with the Jets back in 1991.  The main reason why we won that game was because then Jets RB Blair Thomas put the ball in the ground resulting in Chicago regaining possession, tying the game, then winning in OT behind the leadership of Jim Harbaugh.

So now we know that "anything" is in fact "possible" in the post season.  Who knows, maybe we wont' even have to go through Atlanta to get to Dallas.....

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