"Red-Hot" Seahawks Can Be Brought To Earth....

To be very honest, I'm glad the Seahawks beat the Saints Saturday.  Now we can "really" get some revenge from the 23-20 home loss to Seattle in week six.  That was a very long time ago, and it would be nice to avenge a bad loss in our journey to Dallas.

In our first game against the Seahawks, our running game was all but "non-existent".  Now we've been seeing Matt Forte run for nearly 100 yards in the past several games.  Forte has also been hitting the line of scrimmage very quickly, getting through some of those narrow holes our O-Line has managed to open up.  Cutler threw for 290 yards in week six, but had a very low completion percentage.  Jay MUST be better. 
In this game, our defense will need to continue to play strong (Seattle hung 41 on New Orleans). In week six we lost the time-of-possession battle, and the Seahawks dropped 353 total yards on our defense.  Seattle is ranked 19th in passing, and 31st in running.  Defensively they are 27th defending the pass, and 21st against the run.  So it's quit clear that the Hawks are playing way above-their-heads.
We will discuss the game in more detail during tonight's show of The Chicago Bears Talk Forum.   I also "expect" to here from some "Cheese-Heads" who'll want to "gloat" after their successful date with "Lady-Luck" in Philly on Sunday.  I was wrong about GB losing to Philly.  Now that make me right 98.9% of the time.
Join us tonight.  GO BEARS GO!!!!!

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