More Facts To Consider...

We took a look at the successes and failures of the "principle" coaches/player involved in tomorrows game (Dom Capers, Rod Marinelli, Mike Martz, and Jay Cutler).  What we discovered was compelling to say the least, but promising as well.

GB D-Coordinator Capers has had success against Chicago in only 1 game as head coach of the Houston Texans.  Mike Martz on the other hand, has had success against Capers as HC of the Rams against Houston.  Rod Marinelli has struggled with Aaron Rodgers from the word "go".  Until Marinelli got to Chicago, Rodgers has taken his Detroit Lions to the cleaners on every trip.

That leaves Jay Cutler.  Cutlers has struggled with the Cheese-Heads from the word go as well.  However this year (under Martz) he's had success in the first game, but played like "crap" in week 17.  Cutler has also lost to the Pack (in an OT game) when He played with the Broncos.

So Bear Fans, in reality all favorable indicators (based on this review) seem to point to Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy, and the Packers.  However, we do have a few more "X-Factors" working in our favor:

  1. Lovie Smith has a winning record against these Limburger creeps as our HC, and in years past.
  2. Marinelli didn't have the players in Detroit like he's had here, and when he was in Tampa.
  3. Mike Tice (as HC of the Vikes) has a 5-5 record against GB.
  4. Tony Dungy (a close friend of our Lovie Smith) has "OWNED" Dom Capers in his coaching history.
  5. Aaron Rodgers is still "NOT" a "PROVEN" "SOLID" passer in in-climate weather conditions.

In the long-run, the thing that will bring this one home for us gang, is "focus", "determination", "desire", and most importantly "EXECUTION"......

GO BEARS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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