Moment of "Truth" For Lovie Smith...

Just over a week ago, I wrote about Jay Cutler's moment of "truth" regrading his playoff debut against Seattle.  Well, we are now well passed that moment, which bring us to a "monumental" match-up against our "H-Rivals" The Cheese-Heads" for the NFC crown, and a trip to Super Bowl XLV.

Lovie 1st Pics with Jerry.jpg

Lovie Intoduced With Jerry 2002

This match-up brings another moment of "truth" which falls in the direction of Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith.  When Lovie was introduced to us back in 2004, He said that one of the reasons why he was hired for the job, was "to-beat-Green-Bay".  Overall Lovie has met that challenge taking an 8-6 record against the Pack going into Sundays game.  However!  This game is not like the other "regular" season "home-at-home" games we see twice a year.  This game is for the NFC Championship, and bragging-rights which go all-the-way back to 1941 (which by-the-way "we" won 33-14 on our way to blistering the NY Giants for NFL Championship 37-9).

For Lovie Smith, this is a game in which He will come "Full-Circle" from when he was first

Lovie Being Lovie - Cerebral.jpg

Lovie Being Lovie - Cerebral

introduced, and addressed the Chicago Media.  Does he have the "moxie" to deliver the goods?  Could this be the game that Lovie shows some "emotional" intensity?  I hope it is.  This game will "forever" be etched in the minds of both Bears, and Packers fans (good-or-bad).

So what will it be Lovie?  Should we win, I will be not only be the first to scream on your behalf for "Coach-Of-The-Year", but I will write Roger Goddell personally, and encourage the Bear faithful to do the same.  If we lose (God forbid), then you will need a record better than 11-5 the next season if you really want to stick around.

There is one thing that Chicago natives are very particular about, and that's "our turf". We cannot let the Packers come in on our turf, and do what they did to Philly and Atlanta.  THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN.....



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  • Another great article Gary!
    Yes, it could be a "Coach of the Year" moment, if Lovie can get his team ready, focused, and have them execute a 3 phase attack on the Cheese-heads. A loss will only feed the "national" critic's Bears hatin' frenzy.
    As I enjoy hearing all the Radio/T.V. talking heads reporting on this epic game, sometimes I just have to step away from it also...and use my logic, and what I've seen this past season, and hopefully by early Sunday evening, the Bears' will be hoisting the Halas trophy...ON THEIR TURF!
    Cheese-heads winning on OUR turf...

  • That Halas Trophy is gonna' look sweet in the trophy case at The Packer Hall of Fame! Is it only while playing The Pack that Lovie appears to be in a continuous state of bewilderment on the sidelines? The shock and awe attack of Green Bay will be devestatingly potent! Almost feel sorry for the loser carebear fans.....

  • In reply to greenbayman:

    First of all, I have to give you some "Dap" for having the courage to drop a thought on this blog "Cheese-Head". Let's see what you have during the show on Monday night (win or lose). We still have yet to engage a packer fan on the Forum during the live show. So, the balls on your side of the court. You "man-enough" to serve????

  • In reply to greenbayman:

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