Moment of "Truth" For Jay Cutler...

Let's keep it real Bear Fans, this year is Cutler's first in the post season.  In his first 3 years with the Broncos, Cutler posted win/loss records of: 7-9, 7-9, and 8-8. Then in Chicago he's was 7-9 in 2009, and this year (his best by far) he was 11-5 (granted, he could have been 12-4 if he had took the time to show-up in Green Bay in week 17).

This first trip to the post-season may be a scary one for the young QB (whether he wants to admit it or not).  The bottom line here, is that people will remember you if you show that you're a "proven" winner when it counts the most. 

Don't get me wrong gang, I do like Cutler (I really do). Jay has made a lot of progress this past season under Mike Martz.  Now He has the chance to really "shut-up" the critics for good, but the question is; does he have the "Moxie"????  We will see this Sunday against Seattle.

Jim McMahon went for the juggler against the 49ers in 1985, then lead the Bears to their first championship since 1963.  Billy Wade also put forth a winning effort when it was needed the most in 63', scoring 2 TDs in the Bears Championship victory over the Giants 14-10.  Sid Luckman was another championship caliber leader with several wins for the Bears during the 1940s.

So Jay, "How-Will-History-Remember-You"????  

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