How Jay Goes, So Goes The Bears...

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With a first round bye, Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears offense has plenty of time to overcome their poor performance in the season finale against Green Bay.  Truth be told, Cutler played probably his worst game of the season.  Instead of 2 INTs, Cutler should have had four if not five pics.

The bottom-line here, is that if Cutler had played against GB the way he's played

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against Minnesota, Philadelphia, Dallas, and other games, we would have won hands-down.  For the most part, Cutler has had a pretty good year, and he has Mike Martz to thank for that.  Cutler now has the opportunity to show all of us Bear Fans that he is worthy of being called a "franchise" Quarterback.

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The fact of the matter is, that Jay Cutler is the key to our success in the playoffs this year. In 2006, we were able to get to Super Bowl XLI "despite" Rex

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Jay A Good Fit With Other Chicago Natives Like D-Wade.

Grossman (even though it was Grossman's poor play in that game that cost us).  Enter Jay Cutler.  Cutler left Denver after a "bitter" feud with then head coach Josh McDaniels.  As it turned out, Cutler was much better without the young coach who got the proverbial "boot" from The- Mile-High-City before the end of this season.

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Some may disagree, but I firmly believe that the Bears can go as far as Cutler is willing to take us.  Jay's a very good QB, and has come a long way from what he was a year ago.  We need his "A" game if we want to go all-the-way.... 

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