Ditka Firm On His Pick In Favor Of Bears, Remembers The Depth Of This Rivalry

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Dan Pompei wrote yet another "great" article in the tribune, "affirming" coach Ditka's choice in favor of the Bears this Sunday (see article).  The article also recounts some of the "low-blow" tactics that the Cheese-Heads utilized during the years when Ditka was coach.  It was even mentioned how Ditka and ex-Packer head coach Forest Gregg had to separated during a "pre-season" game.

Ditka has been pretty much "cut-and-dry" when it comes to the subject of this Sundays



game.  Mike's position is this "the team that protects the QB will win the game - PERIOD!" Ditka is all to familiar with just how much of a "pain-in-the-ass" the Packers have always been.  I also will never forget what ex-Packer D-Lineman (Charles Martin) did to Jim McMahan in 1986.  We would have "repeated" for-sure if Martin didn't drive Mac into the turf "after-the-play-was-over"....

Bears fans, can you remember the last time our team has done anything "unethical" or "dirty" to the Packers?  It would take you a while wouldn't it?  Green Bay is a "cesspool" for bottom feeders like Charles Martin, Brett Farve (and his Lewd text messages), Forest Gregg, and others.  This Sunday's game will be "The-Brawl-To-Settle-It-All", and old Bear greats like Ditka know where the advantage lies - with us! 

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Hey, you can knock Ditka all you want for his short fuse, massive ego, and His occasional compulsive maneuvers,  but remember this; He was brought here to do a job in 1982, and He got-it-done PERIOD!

GO CHICAGO BEARS, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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