Defense Does It's Job, Offense Doesn't Show Up.....

The Bear Defense stifled and frustrated the Cheese-Heads for the entire 1st half (setting us up for a 3rd quarter "blitz" like we've seen in recent victories).  Then in the 3rd quarter, Charles Tillman intercepts Aaron Rodgers and the Bears were in business in GB territory.  Then the "unthinkable" happens, Cutler's "evil-twin" throws an interception that the Packers turn into 3 points, thus tying the game at 3 all.

It was it this point that I knew that we'd blown the game, and I was right.  We could have taken a 10-0 lead in the game, and "silenced" those "fool-ass" "cheese-head fans" in their own house (if any Packer fans don't like my words, take it up with me during tomorrow nights show).  Instead, Rodgers took advantage and went to work.  Next thing we knew, we were down 10-3.
I could lament what could-of and should-of happened, but I'll save that for the show Monday night (6:30pm cst, 7:30pm est).  I will close this entry with this; I don't like the Packers, and I don't like Packer fans either.  As I've said last year, I'll always hate GB, and it makes me even  more angry the fact that we blew a chance to send their sorry 10-6 asses home.
Hey Green Bay! we should of whipped you in your own house.  Let's see what you can do on-the-road as a "wild-card" team.....
NOTE: Matt Forte still deserves his due for running "ALL-OVER-THE-PACKERS" putting up 91 yards on 15 carries.  Also, Lovie Smith is now 8-6 vs GB.

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