Cutler's Injury Still A "Hot-Topic"

It's Thursday January 27th, 4 days after the Bears loss to the Packers in the NFC Championship game, and Cutler's injury (in Sunday's game) continues to be a trending topic.  Why is this is? Is it because the Cutler haters just won't let it go? Or is it Jay himself...

Just today, The Tribune released a staff article which discloses information that would make any one of us begin to refer to Jay as a "malingerer" (see article).  Sports commentators all over the country continue to point out that Jay's exit from the game last Sunday is still to considered as a "tap-out". 

According to the Tribune's article, Cutler was seen "out-on-the-town" with his Girlfriend Kristen Callavari at a dowtown hot-spot where he was also seen climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator Hmmm.  the last athlete I can remember who seemed to be somewhat of a "Jekyll and Hyde" when it came to his injury was Bernard King when he played for the NY Knicks back in the 80s.

According to people who knew King very well, they asserted that one day you'd see King on crutches, then see him days later at a night club with no crutches on the dance floor.  Incidentally, King "never" won an NBA Championship with the Knicks or any other team for that matter.

Earlier this week we heard Lovie Smith defend Cutler by saying that Cutler actually wanted to go back in the game.  The problem here is the fact that if Jay wanted to get back into the game, he had a funny way of showing it.  Also, when Caleb Hanie was looking over snap shots of the Packers defensive formations (while sitting next to Cutler), Jay seemed "dis-interested".

Hey remember when Jim Caldwell (Head Coach of the Indy Colts) pulled all the starters from the game last year, thus ending the prospect of a perfect season.  Peyton Manning remained on his feet, with his helmet on, and looking at Caldwell as if he'd just stepped of the curb into sure "insanity".  That was a QB who really wanted to get back into the game.  Cutler on the other-hand put on his poncho and called it a day.

Let's face-it Bear Fans, even though it was great to see all of the Bear players come to Jay's defense, it still does not take-away from the fact that Cutler "did-not" come into the game with any intensity, nor did he perform like a QB who really wanted to win a championship.  We've seem injured starting QBs for years who have occupied their time cheering-on, and assisting their back-ups as if they were still playing in the game.

Lastly, my problem here folks is that fact that Jay Cutler has not thoroughly shown that he has the "flare", the intensity, and the motivation to be a "team-leader".  This is "STILL" Brian Urlacher's team.  Cutler is just the QB.  Cutler has never proven not just here, but even in Denver that he has yet to develop into the kind of leader that will make every one around him better.  I believe that he has the ability to achieve this, I just don't believe that he has the heart.... 

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