Cutler For McNabb, Let The Debate Begin....

Granted Bear Fans, this trade most like will never happen, but it doesn't hurt to "dream"...

With all the controversy surrounding Jay Cutler's early exit from the NFC title game, I am all but worn-down by the "constant" references to whether or not Cutler has the "guts" to be a leader etc.  many of the players that I've heard this week (namely Mark "stink" Schlereth), are players that I have the greatest respect and admiration for. 

Schlereth has played on two SB champions, and has "3" rings to boot.  He's the consummated professional in the NFL, and has made a great life for himself after football as well.  I love Mike Ditka (even though I haven't always agreed with his approach to the game as a coach, He's still high on my list for being a man of his word, and delivering a SB ring to Chicago (nobody else has...)  I love Deon Sanders (I always hated his "prime-time" persona), Deon has developed from his days as a great player, to a great-man. I give Trent Dilfer credit for his intelligence, and his prospective of the game (despite my issues with him throughout the year).

I could care-less about what Paul Horning has to say (once a chesse-head, always a cheese-head), besides Horning was always viewed as a "pretty-boy".  Why should "The Bear Report" (OUR MAGAZINE) care about anything Horning says???  Thanks for the slap in the face Mr. Crist.

Let's take a good look at what Donovan McNabb could have done if he were in Jay Cutler's shoes.  1- McNabb would have played much better than Cutler in week 17, thus "slamming the door" on GB for good, with no hope for post-season play.  2 - McNabb would have also put together a much better performance in the NFC title game (Caleb Hanie proved that).

It doesn't take a great deal of talent at the QB position to be successful when it comes to Bear "smash-mouth" football.  All you need to do is make your throws (like Jay didn't do on 2 passes to Devin Hester, and a short throw to Knox that resulted in an INT by Shields).  No, all Cutler needed to do was have an "honest-to-God" will to win, but even this was to much to ask.

Don't get the wrong idea folks. I can accept us loosing the game, but what I cannot accept is that fact that our "franchise" guy left "to-much" room for being second guessed when it can to determining whether He (Cutler) really want to go down fighting...

Personally, I think Jay was "short" on intestinal-fortitude.  He did not have a sense of "urgency" even when his understudy wanted to discuss defensive formations with him.  As far as I'm concern (and I've said this before), Cutler can go back to "Mommy-Shanahan" for all I care.

What do you say Bear Nation?????????????????????? 


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  • I don't know where to start with Cutler. The day before I turn 30, I tore my ACL and I continued to play basketball on it and the next day I partied at the club. An MCL tear is not as severe. A knee brace would have been suffice. Flat out Cutler quit. The Bears need McNabb and Moss. Imagine number 5 and 84 in a Bears jersey. Wow!!!

  • In reply to dhuston521:

    Thumbs-up 521!
    Many players have played on bad ACLs like Phillip Rivers. Moss would probably work well with Donovan like he did with Culpepper in the late 90's. However, I would rather see Chad Johnson in a Bear uniform then Moss.

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