Come-On Bear Fans, "SHAKE" The Lake!!!!

For the past two weeks, Bill and I have seen a huge increase in our listership for our show "The Chicago Bear Talk Forum".  First and foremost, I want to thank EVERYONE that has been a part if this increase in numbers, and to remind you that our show is FOR-YOU BEAR FANS.  So don't be bashful, call-in, and let's continue to "Bear-Down".

I would like to send a "special" shout-out to "BoBo77" from Michigan.  He's a tried and "TRUE" Bear Fan, and has been joining us for the past 2 weeks.  BoBo's insights are colorful, intelligent, and right on the mark which is a testament to His "undying-passion" as a loyal Chicago Bear fan.

We created the show, and this page for Bear Fans to"speak-their-minds".  We've been in "obscurity" in the mid-west (and NFC North Division) for "TOO-LONG".  Now is OUR time to let the planet know "WHO-WE-ARE, AND-WHAT-WE-STAND-FOR".

So in closing Bear Fans, let's put forth an effort to let the rest of the NFL know about what Chicago Bears Football is all about. We are one of, if not the "oldest" team in the NFL.  We are saturated in a deep and rich "tradition" establish by our late and "BELOVED" PAPA-BEAR  George Halas.  Let's cheer our hearts-out, and light-up the airwaves every Monday night.

GO BEARS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Thanks Bobbo!
    It's fans like yourself that makes what we do worth wild. The Bears kicked ass today, and now we must prepare for (the name which we got from you) "ARMAGEDDON"....

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